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Wilmington Earth Day

2019: "Change Your Actions, Change the Planet."

Join us for Wilmington's Earth Day celebration on April 27, 2019!

We as a people are key to generating a future of environmentally literate citizens that are more respectful of natural resources Mother Earth Provides.This year's theme was selected to remind us of our deep rooted connection to our planet and to encourage people in our community to get back to those roots. With a close relationship to the land, knowledge of what our planet provides us, and close relationships to the people in our communities, we can promote a sustainable future which takes care of and respects our environment and people.Contact Us if you’d like to share how you’re incorporating this theme into YOUR world!

Wilmington Earth Day

Wilmington Earth Day

Wilmington's Earth Day theme for 2010: REDUCE


Photos & Themes from Past Years

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Wilmington Earth Day 20132013 Celebration
April 20, 2013 | Theme: "The World Is Our Oyster, Don't Shuck It Up"


2012 Celebration
April 21, 2012 | Theme: "Cooperate, Connect, Protect"

Wilmington Earth Day 2011If we all agree to cooperate and connect to each other, then we can better protect the world we live in. We would especially like to help promote this concept of cooperation within our local community. Hence, you will see some familiar images in this year’s logo; Venus Flytrap anyone?!  The Earth Day Alliance thought 2012 would be the perfect time to bring attention to this full-circle theme.

For the complete, 2012 Wilmington Earth Day Celebration page, please click here. 


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2011 Celebration
April 23, 2011 | Theme: "Clear The Air"

Wilmington Earth Day 2011Wilmington is on the verge of being designated nonattainment for Sulfur Dioxide. This is due to the Environmental Protection Agency recently lowering the standard.  If this were to happen, New Hanover County would be the only county in North Carolina to be in nonattainment.  The same may also happen in the future for ozone.  The Earth Day Alliance thought 2011 would be a good opportunity to bring attention to this important issue.

For the complete, 2011 Wilmington Earth Day Celebration page, please click here. 


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2010 Celebration
April 17, 2010 | Theme: "Reduce"

2010 Wilmington Earth Day Theme: Reduce2010's theme was “Reduce”. It was chosen in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day in 1970.

It was time to get back to the basics — and what better way than to start at the beginning of the cycle...reduce. “Reduce” is the first word listed for a reason: if we can all reduce then we would have less to reuse, recycle, and throw away.  We also want to bring attention to the problem of trash (mainly plastic) that is collecting in gyres in each of the Earth’s oceans.  We had information about this subject at the event, but if you would like to learn more now, visit www.algalita.org.

For the complete, 2010 Wilmington Earth Day Celebration page, please click here.


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2009 Celebration
April 26, 2009 | Theme: "How Do You Get Around?"

2009 Wilmington Earth Day Theme: How Do You Get Around?In 2009, the Earth Day theme was “How Do You Get Around?”. The theme was chosen in an effort to raise awareness for our choices in transportation both locally and nationally. It was great to see attendees riding bikes, walking, driving their electric cars and even skateboarding to the event. Free shuttle service to and from the event also helped to emphasize how we can all make a difference with our transportation choices.

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2008 Celebration
April 21, 2008 | Theme: "Trees Please"

2008 Wilmington Earth Day Theme: Trees PleaseIn 2008, the Earth Day theme “Trees Please” was chosen to inspire residents to learn more about our local canopy cover, and how it has changed over the last 30 years. Hugh MacRae Park (as always) was a perfect venue for the theme and the event. The trees in the park offered perfect shady areas for attendees to relax.

Click here for the 2008 photo album


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