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Wilmington Earth Day

2017: "Building a Better World"

Join us for Wilmington's Earth Day celebration on April 22, 2017!

We as a people are key to generating a new model of society which is more respectful of nature, the environment and biodiversity. With a close relationship with food, knowledge of the land and farming techniques, along with close relationships to the people in our communities, we can promote and preserve an agriculture model which is fair to the environment and people.Contact Us if you’d like to share how you’re incorporating this theme into YOUR world!

Wilmington Earth Day

Wilmington's Earth Day theme for 2010: REDUCE


Fundraising & Other Fun Events

The Wilmington Earth Day Alliance invites you to JOIN US! Help support Wilmington's Earth Day Celebration by attending one of our great events or suggesting your own! These events are generously hosted by local businesses. Come show YOUR support and help us raise funds for Earth Day!

2017 Schedule of Fundraising Events!

The event is on April 20th at Jason's Deli. You can find details here: www.groupraise.com/events/29564. We have to have a minimum of 20 people commit (by completeing the form on the above link) by April 17th or the fundraiser doesn't happen. Please plan to attend...anytime from 5pm-10pm. Please tell your order taker that you are there to benefit the Earth Day Alliance so it will count. Please Help support Wilmington Earth Day.

2018 Schedule of Fundraising Events COMING SOON!






Interested in sponsoring this year's Earth Day Celebration? Or maybe you'd like to be one of our 60+ vendors and exhibitors?

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Wilmington's Earth Day Celebration

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Check-out the photos from past events. You might see your friends and neighbors.

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