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Wilmington Earth Day

2019: "Change Your Actions, Change the Planet."

Join us for Wilmington's Earth Day celebration on April 27, 2019!

We as a people are key to generating a future of environmentally literate citizens that are more respectful of natural resources Mother Earth Provides.This year's theme was selected to remind us of our deep rooted connection to our planet and to encourage people in our community to get back to those roots. With a close relationship to the land, knowledge of what our planet provides us, and close relationships to the people in our communities, we can promote a sustainable future which takes care of and respects our environment and people.Contact Us if you’d like to share how you’re incorporating this theme into YOUR world!

Wilmington Earth Day Premiere Sponsor: CleanEnergyEvents.org
Wilmington Earth Day Premiere Sponsor: City of Wilmington
Wilmington Earth Day Premiere Sponsor: Tidal Creek
Wilmington Earth Day Premiere Sponsor: WhatsOnWilmington.com

Wilmington's Earth Day theme for 2010: REDUCE


2015 Celebration: April 25, 2015
"Life Starts From the Ground Up!"

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Wilmington Earth Day 2012! Cooperate, Connect, ProtectThis year’s theme is "Life Starts from the Ground Up."

This theme was chosen to coincide with the Food and Agriculture Organization designating 2015 the “International Year of Soils”. Healthy soil is important for all things on Earth. Soil is the basis for life, as soil gives us many things necessary for survival. Crops for food, trees to produce oxygen and lumber for building shelters, clay for creating bricks for building structures, plant fibers for creating clothing, ground to live on, and minerals in the soil used for medicines, food, and other items. This is a short list of the many benefits we receive from healthy soil. The Earth Day Alliance wants to help bring attention to this important environmental resource and show people that healthy, sustainable soil is important for our future. Did you know that it takes 500-1000 years for one inch of soil to form? Therefore, it’s important to protect the soil we have today. Some ways we can protect the soil include: reducing pollution, reducing/preventing erosion, reducing and/or rerouting stormwater runoff.


Everyone is invited... families, friends, residents, visitors, individuals & organizations.
Sorry, no dogs are allowed in the Kid Zone or exhibitor tent please.
(see policy below)


Wilmington's 2015
Earth Day Celebration
food, kids' zone, live music, more info...


Hugh MacRae Park (click for map)
Wilmington, NC


Saturday, April 25, 2015
Time: 12pm – 6pm


Fun, FREE entertainment, interesting information & products that relate to our planet


FREE to attend


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parking & transportation details


Earth Day is a time to celebrate our beautiful planet, meet people from other organizations, convey your message, and recruit members, volunteers, and interested people to participate in the stewardship of our community.  It is a fun day to be outside, talk to new friends, and learn about all the great things that are happening in our community.  To make sure that the event is as interesting, entertaining, educational, and enjoyable as possible we would like to invite YOU to be at this year's Earth Day Celebration!

Interested in becoming an Exhibitor or a Sponsor for the celebration? Click here for more information.

Along with the usual Exhibitor Tent, each year we strive to have a separate Green Market Tent.  The Green Market Tent is a place where local businesses, organizations, and area crafts people can share their renewable, sustainable, or environmentally friendly products for purchase.

Food & Beverage

Food, beer and beverages is available for purchase, including organic selections produced locally in and around the greater Wilmington area.

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Kids' EcoZone Area

Wilmington's 2015 Earth Day celebration is a family-friendly event encouraging children of all ages to become more aware of our planet. Specific details are to come! Along with the exhibitors, there will be a kid's music area right next to the kid's tent!

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Music & Live Entertainment

Multiple bands will be featured throughout the day. All entertainment is FREE to the public!

12:00 — 1:45
1:45 — 2:00
2:15 — 3:45
4:00 — 6:00

T.O.M.D. (They're Only Mostly Dead)
Mr. Marks Music
Boba Funk

Groove Fetish

Live Music: T.O.M.D (They're Only Mostly Dead)

12:00pm — 1:45pm

Live Music: Mr. Marks Music

1:45pm — 2:00pm

Live Music: Boba Funk

2:15pm — 3:45pm

Live Music: Groove Fetish

4:00pm — 6:00pm

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Pet Policy

Please be aware that this year we are allowing dogs inside the event just not in the Kids Zone or under the exhibitor tent. We do hope that you as a responsible pet owner will clean up after your pet so we can continue to have dogs at our events.

Dogs should be kept on a leash at all times. If your dog is running about it is a violation of County ordinance and you may be subject to a fine.

For more information, please refer the Parks & Recreation website and their official rules and regulations.

Last Year's Sponsors — 2014

Your participation makes this annual event possible:

City of Wilmington Stormwater  

Clean Energy Events

Tidal Creek

WhatsOn Wilmington

Great Outdoor Provision Co.

Hurricane Kayaks

New Hanover County Parks

Wave Transit

More Information

At last year's Earth Day Celebration, we had more than 70 different exhibitors in attendance — all involved in some type of environmental issue or resource. We encourage you to join the fun because this year's Earth Day Celebration will certainly peak your curiosity about many environmental issues in addition to answering many of your questions.

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How You Can Get Involved, now...or in the future

You can participate in Wilmington's Earth Day Celebration as an exhibitor, a sponsor, a volunteer or simply by attending. This is a great way to spend a day with family and friends. For more information on becoming an exhibitor or a sponsor, please contact Elissa Riley of the Earth Day Alliance.


Interested in sponsoring this year's Earth Day Celebration? Or maybe you'd like to be one of our 60+ vendors and exhibitors?

Learn more about becoming a sponsor or exhibitor...

Want to learn more about environmental awareness and education?

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local and national resources

Check-out the photos from past events. You might see your friends and neighbors.

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