Wilmington Earth Day Wilmington Earth Day


Wilmington Earth Day

2015: "Life Starts From the Ground Up!"

Join us for Wilmington's Earth Day celebration on April 25, 2015!

Healthy soil is important for all things on Earth. Soil is the basis for life, and healthy, sustainable soil is important for our future. What does this year’s theme mean to YOU? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Us if you’d like to share how you’re incorporating this theme into YOUR world! 

Wilmington Earth Day

Wilmington's Earth Day Celebration

Wilmington Earth Day

Wilmington's Earth Day Celebration

Wilmington Earth Day

Wilmington's Earth Day Celebration

Wilmington's Earth Day theme for 2010: REDUCE


2010 Celebration: "Reduce"
April 17, 2010

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This is a spectacular springtime activity, including FREE live music! The festivities will be held at Hugh McRae Park in Wilmington. The event is scheduled for Saturday, April 30, 2011. Join us for this FREE event!


Everyone is invited... families, friends, residents, visitors, individuals & organizations.
Sorry, no dogs allowed (*see policy)


Wilmington's 2010
Earth Day Celebration
food, kids' zone, live music, more info...


Hugh MacRae Park (click for map)
Wilmington, NC


Saturday, April 17, 2010


Fun, FREE entertainment, interesting information & products that relate to our planet


FREE to attend


FREE shuttle service (click for info)

If you're not able to attend our Wilmington event, we encourage you to celebrate with Pender County at their first annual Earth Day Festival (click for more info).

Wilmington's festivities were held at Hugh MacRae Park on Saturday, April 17th, 2010 from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Wilmington's 2010 Earth Day Theme: ReduceAs always, last year's theme was a new one — “Reduce”.  This was the 40th Anniversary of the first Earth Day ever celebrated, so we took it back to the basics.  What could be more basic than “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”? 

“Reduce” is the first word listed for a reason: if we can all reduce then we would have less to reuse, recycle, and throw away.  We also want to bring attention to the problem of trash (mainly plastic) that is collecting in gyres in each of the Earth’s oceans.  We will have information about this subject at our Earth Day booth, but if you would like to learn more now, you can visit www.algalita.org.

Earth Day is a time to meet people from other organizations, get out your message, and recruit members, volunteers, and interested people.  It is a fun day to be outside, talk to new friends, and learn about all the great things that are happening in our community.  To make sure that the event is as interesting, entertaining, educational, and enjoyable as possible we would like to invite YOU to be at Earth Day 2010!

Along with the usual Exhibitor Tent, we also had a separate Green Market Tent.  The Green Market Tent is a place where local businesses, organizations, and area crafts people can share their renewable, sustainable, or environmentally friendly products for purchase.

*Please be aware County Parks do not allow dogs at this event.

Food & Beverage

Food, beer and beverages was available for purchase, including organic selections produced locally in and around the greater Wilmington area. Among the great selections were offerings from these area favorites:

Tidal Creek Coop
Cooperative Market offering Natural Foods & Deli
visit the website

Mellow Mushroom
Slavishly devoted to great food, pizza and beverages
visit the website


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Kids' EcoZone Area

Wilmington's 2010 Earth Day celebration was a family-friendly event encouraging children of all ages to become more aware of our planet. Educational activities were available in the Kids' EcoZone tent. Activities included take-home craft projects and more. Families took joy in watching their kids learn while they were having fun!

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Music & Live Entertainment

Last year, we featured multiple bands, including a headliner, who performed throughout the day. All entertainment was FREE to the public!


The Community Drummers
performing for 15-20 minutes


Stead Fast
a fantastic reggae band


End of the Line
incredible bluegrass music
visit their website


The Casserole
a little bit of everything...done well
rock, bluegrass, reggae
visit their website


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Pet Policy

Please be aware our county parks system does not allow dogs at this event. According to their rule, you cannot have dogs present where food is being served. The Parks rule reads:

E) Dogs and pets are prohibited within one hundred feet (100') of any concession or vending area.

F) Dogs and pets are prohibited from any mass gathering, identified as any planned gathering of two hundred (200) or more people.

For more information, please refer the Parks & Recreation website and their official rules and regulations.

More Information

We had more than 70 different exhibitors in attendance — all involved in some type of environmental issue or resource — the 2010 Earth Day Festival certainly peaked your curiosity in addition to answering many of your environmental questions.

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How You Can Get Involved, now...or in the future

You can participate in Wilmington's Earth Day Celebration as an exhibitor, a sponsor, a volunteer or simply by attending. This is a great way to spend a day with family and friends. For more information on becoming an exhibitor or a sponsor, please contact Elissa Riley of the Earth Day Alliance.



Interested in sponsoring this year's Earth Day Celebration? Or maybe you'd like to be one of our 60+ vendors and exhibitors?

Learn more about becoming a sponsor or exhibitor...

Wilmington's Earth Day theme for 2010: REDUCE

contact us

Want to learn more about environmental awareness and education?

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local and national resources

Check-out the photos from past events. You might see your friends and neighbors.

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